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Camp Blackhawk lies on the shores of Big Blue Lake and is rich in tradition, with roots dating back to the early days of Scouting.  So many generations of Scouting footprints have traversed the trails of Blackhawk, that these paths have become firmly embedded in the landscape surrounding Big Blue.  They bring today's Scouts to destinations filled with fun and adventure just as they have for all the generations of Scouts who have gone before.

Blackhawk with its long standing traditions, also has a newer flair with its modern dining hall filled three times a day with Owasippe’s genuine hospitality.  Scouts from all over gather to break bread together, sing songs and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with knowing you are among friends.  Those who have sat at a Blackhawk table to dine, know what a special experience this is.

The Camp itself, has 25 sites from which to choose, whether they be up on the hill overlooking the lake or scattered through the woods to the West of the dining hall, you are never far from Big Blue.  The sites have modern amenities, flush toilets and showers (Each sanitary unit may be shared by two sites).  Wall tents, set up on platforms with two cots, make up the accommodations.

Looking down from the Dining Hall toward Big Blue Lake, the beach appears, where all its modern docks create the perfect swimming hole. This is where swim instruction and free swim takes place.

Down the beach just a short distance, is the Fossett Sailing Base.  This outpost is available to campers across the reservation.  Besides Sailing, Motor Boating and Water Sports are offered here.

The camp offers traditional programs in Scoutcraft, Ecology-Conservation, Shooting Sports and Handicraft with some exciting and fun twists.  A wide selection of merit badges are offered that enhance scouting skills, while building experiences that will stay with your Scouts for a lifetime.  Many merit badges are rotated in each year, soolder Scouts will always be able to find new opportunities for learning and fun.

Scouts are not confined to Camp Blackhawk when looking for exciting programs.  Cool stuff is happening all over Owasippe.  Check out Diamond O Ranch, Charles Nagel C.O.P.E Base and the many other experiences to be had, across the Reservation.

Learn more about these and many other exciting program opportunities offered to Blackhawk campers and experience the adventure that is Owasippe.

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SPECIAL NOTE:  Your stay at Owasippe Scout Reservation will be a memorable experience.   Make it a memorable experience for your family also. While you are camped with your troop, your family can enjoy all of the wonders Owasippe has to offer with a stay at Reneker Family Camp. Your family will be welcomed by an intimate and friendly staff who will help your family members of all ages be at home at Owasippe. 



Dining Hall

Returning to Steve Fossett Sail Base

Rifle range

Waterfront, as seen from Camp Blackhawk Dining Hall.

Blackhawk Ecology/Conservation

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