Owasippe Scout Reservation, commonly referred to as “America’s Premier Scout Camp”, is owned and operated by the Pathway To Adventure Council, Boy Scouts of America.  It began operations in 1911 with a limited camping experience getting 40 acres of wilderness property ready for full operation in 1912.  The Reservation has operated continuously since that time and now sits on approximately 4800 acres, adjacent to The Manistee National Forest.

With over 100 years of experience, we have a long tradition of Scouting excellence at Owasippe that we would like to share with you.  Our camps offer varied Scout programs that will enhance your Scout’s advancement.  Whether you are new to Owasippe with younger Scouts, or have an established troop, we have an adventure that fits every age level.

Here at Owasippe, we want the Tenderfoot or the Life Scout to enjoy his stay; give him the chance to advance in rank, explore the abundant program resources that can be found on the reservation and participate in troop and camp wide activities.      

Our philosophy is that every Scout should have the opportunity to explore their personal interests while at camp.  We structure our program so there is time for a Scout to learn about Horses, Photography or some other interest, while earning a merit badge.

We believe a 3 hour canoe trip down the White River is as important an opportunity for your troop, as is Cooking merit badge is for every Scout.  We believe the opportunity to explore Paradise Valley, visit Owasippe’s Grave and hike the Blue Trail is important in helping develop a lasting bond to all that Scouting has to offer.  Building character, becoming sensitive to the environment around you, enjoying the moment of standing on a foot bridge over the creek, are just a few of the benefits of making time for a troop activity during your stay.

We have built a program structure that allows your Scouts to accomplish the goals they may set for themselves and at the same time, allow you to build troop activities into your week. To do this requires some pre-planning.  We will be able to assist you with the pre-planning process by providing all of the program materials you need, along with on-line program registration, which lets us know what you want to do during your stay.

We are proud of the century of outdoor adventure we have brought to Scouting.  Hundreds of thousands of Scouts have traversed our trails. Wherever you live today, it is not uncommon to meet someone who has camped here, willing to speak of the great experience they had at Owasippe.

We are now into our second century and our commitment is to continue to provide the highest quality program with the best trained staff.  We are prepared to bring you innovative and fun activities.  We invite you to join us for another exciting summer at Owasippe Scout Reservation.

Visit the Camp Blackhawk, Camp Wolverine and Reneker Family Camp pages and learn more about what our Scout Camps have to offer your Scout unit and let the Adventure begin at Owasippe.

Owasippe Scout Reservation Administration Center

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E. Urner Goodman Scout Museum