Wolverine Campfire

Camp Wolverine offers a unique camping experience for Units and their Scouts wanting to begin an adventure that can only be found at Owasippe.

The camp is located within the Cleveland Creek watershed, a tributary of the White River, and is completely surrounded by Owasippe’s boundaries.  It is reported to be the only watershed in the Midwest where this occurs.  The Gus Kopp Dam on Cleveland Creek forms Lake Wolverine on which the camp is located.  Scouts enjoy this beautiful lake, where fishing, rowing and canoeing opportunities abound.  The lake’s highly protected eco-system, on whose waters no gas engines are allowed, offer peaceful serenity along with exciting fun for every camper.

The camp has 28 sites from which to choose, whether it be a site on Lake Wolverine’s attractive shoreline or on the surrounding hills.  Most campsites are set apart from one another, creating a more private experience and allowing room to stretch.  Sites have running water, flush toilets and showers (sanitary units may be shared by two sites). Wall tents, set up on platforms with two cots, make up the accommodations.

The site locations are conducive to troop camping, building on the patrol method.  The meal service for Camp Wolverine is done by bringing each meal to your site ready to serve (hot packs).  This allows meals to be eaten together in patrol fashion.  The added benefit to this method of feeding is that it allows more time for Scouts to enjoy all of the program opportunities camp has to offer.

Program opportunities include aquatic activities at the camp’s large swimming pool, where swim instruction and free swim takes place.  Rowing, kayaking and canoeing are done on Lake Wolverine.

The camp offers traditional programs in Scoutcraft, Ecology-Conservation, Shooting Sports and Handicraft with some exciting and fun twists.   A wide selection of merit badges are offered that enhance scouting skills, while building experiences that will stay with your Scouts for a lifetime.  Many merit badges are rotated in each year so older Scouts will always be able to find new opportunities for learning and fun.

Scouts are not confined to Camp Wolverine when looking for exciting programs.  Cool stuff is happening all over Owasippe.  Sailing, Wall Climbing, C.O.P.E., Horsemanship, Motor Boating, Photography, Radio, Space Exploration and many other experiences are available to scouts looking for more adventure.  Learn more.

Learn more about registering for camp or start your adventure by registering now (PTAC Link).

SPECIAL NOTE:  Your stay at Owasippe Scout Reservation will be a memorable experience.  Make it a memorable experience for your family also.  While you are camped with your troop, your family can enjoy all of the wonders Owasippe has to offer with a stay at Reneker Family Camp.  Your family will be welcomed by an intimate and friendly staff who will help family members of all ages be at home at Owasippe.

Shooting at the Archery Range

Swimming pool at Camp Wolverine

Pioneering at Camp Wolverine

Dinner at Site 25 Wolverine

Dinner at Site 25 Wolverine

Chapel Services at Camp Wolverine

Chapel Services at Camp Wolverine

Early morning mist on Lake Wolverine

Canoeing Merit Badge on Wolverine Lake

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