You may have acquired one of the Owasippe themed photo bookmarks or are just curious as to what the “Photo Bookmark Series” is all about.  It began as an idea to keep a memory of Owasippe at hand; kept in a place where it might be found every time you open a Scout Handbook, a school book or another interesting read.  It is also a reminder that if you need a dose of Owasippe on a cold winter day, you can visit  This site is the place to find out what Owasippe has to offer your when considering us for your next summer camp adventure.  Take a few minutes to learn all of the varied and exciting opportunities available at Owasippe Scout Reservation.

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Canoeing Bookmark (2015).   Scout activity on Lake Wolverine is a constant and popular sight.  Rowing, canoeing, and now kayaking are just some of the activities you will see happening on the lake.  The lake is also a very popular bass fishing destination for Scouts and Scouters.  It is common to see a Scout fishing from shore near his campsite early in the morning,    This photo was taken in the boating program area where the row boats, canoes and kayaks are stored. These Scouts are returning to shore after practicing exiting the canoe while on the water and re-entry from the water.


Lake Trail Bookmark (2015).  This is a photo of the starting point of the Blue Trail.  It begins just East of the Camp Blackhawk waterfront and follows the shoreline of Big Blue Lake for a half mile until it turns inland.  The trail is a little under 9 miles and takes you through some of the more interesting areas of the reservation, including Nine Mile Lake, Quaking Bogs, Marl Beds, the Barrens, and the headwaters of Lake Wolverine.  One only needs to follow the trail marked by a blue fleur-de-lis, as seen in this photo. These Scouts have brought their fishing poles with them in hopes of landing a large bass or Northern Pike.  They are fishing along the banks of Big Blue Lake.


Diamond O Horse Ranch Bookmark (2015).   One of the fun aspects of your stay at Owasippe Scout Reservation is the opportunity to visit the Diamond O Ranch and participate in horseback riding or earning Horsemanship merit badge.  Here, a Scout is mounted on his horse, waiting for the guide who will take them on a riding adventure along one of Owasippe's horse trails.  Another great opportunity that awaits the Scouts at the ranch is an opportunity to visit and spend a night at the  Wrangler Outpost.


Lake Wolverine Fishing Bookmark (2015).  Need some time to relax and get away for a couple of hours?  Sitting in the middle of Lake Wolverine with a fishing pole is a great way to unwind.  Be prepared to be mesmerized by the beauty and majesty of your surroundings while on the lake.  Herons, egrets, nesting swans, bald eagles and deer who come to drink, can be seen at any time during the day.  Also, be prepared for a little exercise, as rowing is the only form of propulsion allowed on the lake.  If rowing is not your thing, you can try hiking the Orange Trail which circles the lake for 5 miles,  This photo was taken from shore about a quarter mile East of the camp Wolverine Fire Bowl.


Marl Bed & Quaking Bog Bookmark (2015).  The CITs in this photo are hiking the Blue Trail in an effort to learn more about Owasippe Scout Reservation.  These Scout "counselors in training" (who might become a part of the Owasippe summer camp staff in the future) are expected to become familiar with the topography, and trails of Owasippe.  They also learn about the diverse and fragile ecosystems that make up Owasippe.  Here, this group of 14 year old Scouts, after spending time viewing one of the feeder creeks that flows into Lake Wolverine, enter into the area known as the Marl Beds.  They will continue following the Blue Trail until they reach the Quaking Bogs, one of Owasippe's many wonders.

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Campfire bookmark.  One of the great memories of any outdoor experience is sitting in front of a campfire telling stories, being entertained by a fun skit and singing songs.  Here Scouts are witness to a ceremony recognizing “honor campers” at the beginning of the campfire.  What a great setting for one of Scouting’s most inspiring moments.  This photo was taken at the Camp Wolverine fire bowl on Lake Wolverine.   Notice the reflection of the trees on the glassy still lake behind the fire, as darkness closes in.  The fire illuminates the immediate area as the sun sets and Scouts become engrossed in the scene unfolding before them.


Water Scene Bookmark.  One of the great adventures that await campers at Owasippe is the trail system.  This particular photo was taken along the “Red Trail” which starts at Camp Blackhawk (or ends, depending on which direction you are traveling) and follows Big Blue Lake shoreline to a point where it turns inland heading toward Paradise Valley.  Paradise Valley is a special place where you enter under a dark canopy of old growth trees, reminiscent of an ancient primeval forest.  Before leaving the valley you come to Cleveland Creek.  This photo was taken standing on the foot bridge that crosses the creek, looking down stream as it meanders along the edge of Paradise valley.  Look for a number of places of interest along this trail, including Chief Owasippe’s Grave.



Jumping in the lake Bookmark.  There is nothing more refreshing than swimming on a hot summer day. The sandy beach and lake bottom make this beach an ideal place to swim.  Yes, the Scout is jumping into Big Blue Lake at the Camp Blackhawk waterfront.  For safety and instructional purposes, this swimming hole is separated into a non-swimmer’s area, beginner’s area and swimmer’s area.  All Scouts take a swim test upon arrival at camp to determine their swimming skill level.  The Scout’s swimming proficiency level determines the areas of the water front in which he may swim.



Pontoon Boat Bookmark.  Big Blue Lake is the place for many water activities.  Whether it be sailing, motorboating or cruising the lake on the pontoon boat there is always something happening.   Water skiing, tubing, snorkeling, canoeing, rowing and fishing are just some of the activities that occur on Big Blue Lake.  The pontoon boat photo was taken from shore at the Steve Fossett Sailing Base.  You can see the masts of the sail boats parked on shore, in the foreground.


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Scout Number 10 bookmark.  Looking at the bookmark, you might think this Scout is kneeling on a deck.  He is actually scaling the “Chris Hill Climbing Tower”. The tower has two walls, each offering their own set of challenges.  The climbing wall is one of a number of fun encounters you will find at the Charles Nagle COPE Base.

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