Owasippe Scout Reservation has program opportunities available to Scouts of all ages and rank.  Whether the Scout has been a member of your unit four weeks or four years, there is a fun and exciting adventure awaiting him or her at Owasippe.  Prior planning is the key to taking advantage of all of the cool stuff there is to do.

While the programs at our two camps are similar, their style is decidedly different.  For example, Camp Wolverine and Camp Blackhawk have a great Aquatics program but Camp Blackhawk swim and boating area is on Big Blue Lake, while Camp Wolverine does their swim program in a large swimming pool in the woods. Boating is done on Lake Wolverine.  All of our aquatic programs are conducted under the watchful eyes of qualified lifeguards and instructors.

Another major difference in our two Camps is that Blackhawk feeding is done in the dining hall.  At Wolverine, each meal is delivered to your campsite hot and ready to eat.  The great feature about both of these methods is that Scouts have more time to take advantage of all of Owasippe’s treasures.

The camps offer traditional Scoutcraft and Ecology-Conservation programs with some exciting twists.  A wide selection of merit badges are offered that enhance Scouting skills, while building experiences that will stay with your Scouts for a lifetime. 

Shooting sports has always been a popular feature of Scouts, BSA Camps and Owasippe is no exception.  The Camps have great shooting facilities led by experienced and qualified staff.  They offer Archery, Rifle Shooting and Shotgun merit badges.

The Handicraft Lodge is a great place for your younger Scouts to be introduced to Scouting’s merit badge program. Leatherwork, Basketry and Woodcarving are offered here along with other merit badges rotated in each year.

Scouts are not confined to Blackhawk or Wolverine when looking for exciting program.  Things are happening all over Owasippe Scout Reservation. Sailing, Wall Climbing, C.O.P.E., Horsemanship, Motor Boating, Photography, Mountain Biking, ATV program and many other experiences are to be had, across the Reservation.  Learn More about these programs.

 program Planning

For over a century, Owasippe Scout Reservation has proudly presented Scouts and Scouters with an exciting summer camp experience.  One of the most wonderful parts of Owasippe is all the fun and adventure provided to Scouts and Scouters from all over the country.  Yet, while fun and adventure is key, the process of planning your trip is a very important step towards maximizing the enjoyment of your stay.  As such, we are prepared to assist leaders, parents, and Scouts in planning the best summer camp experience possible through our online program registration process.

When preparing to use online program registration, be mindful that your Scouts should have time for these three activity areas:

1. Personal Advancement.  This can involve rank advancement offered through the Pathfinder (first‐year camper) program and the many merit badge programs offered at Owasippe.

2. Troop Time.  Owasippe offers plenty of opportunities for your troop to participate in troop programs, including outposts such as canoeing, tubing, or horseback riding.  Additionally, troop swims, hikes, and camp‐wide games are wonderful for your Scouts.

3. Personal Interests.  This could involve attending open programming in the afternoon and evenings including fishing, open boating, rifle shooting, or visiting many of our varied hiking destinations.

Planning your Troop’s program for summer camp is an important part of getting ready for summer camp.  In order to ensure that you maximize your time at camp, you should set aside ample time to prepare.  Please use our online registration system to pre‐schedule your Scouts in merit badge classes and to sign up for High Adventure programs.  Programs can fill up quickly, and online pre-registration will secure available open spots.

Visit the Pathway to Adventure Council website for more information and program materials including Leader's Guide.  Materials will become available March 1.


Kayaking Merit Badge instruction

Motorboating at Steve Fossett Sail Base

ATV Program for Scouts 14yrs old and up

Charles Nagle COPE Base

Vintage Camp Blackhawk Campfire

Cycling Merit Badge on Mountain Biking trails

Camp Blackhawk waterfront

Skeet Shooting