Owasippe Scout Reservation is made up of several section camps.  We have provided you with a reservation map so you will be able to get an idea of the camp layout.

You will find Camp Blackhawk located on Big Blue Lake.  Enter the camp from Owasippe Road, which runs through the Northern section of the Reservation.  Enter Camp Wolverine from Russell Road which cuts through the Western part of the property.  You will find Camp Reneker on the South edge of Owasippe.  Enter Family Camp from Holton-Whitehall Road.

The Ad Center (short for Administration Center) is on Russell road and is marked by several large buildings and a parade field.  Look for the “Diamond O Ranch” on Silver Creek Road which intersects Russell Road at the Ad Center. 

We have also provided you with section camp maps.  These will help you locate a campsite and give you an idea where the program areas are.

The maps do not indicate elevation so as a general rule, the sites located along Lake Wolverine are on lower ground while the sites on the back side of the loop road are higher up or on a hill.  The camp lodge and Swimming pool are on the inside of the loop road and shooting sports is over the hill behind the camp, on the back side of the loop.

 At Camp Blackhawk, East of the dining hall, the sites are on a hill, while the sites to the West of the dining hall are generally, on a little lower ground.  The swimming beach on Big Blue Lake can be seen from the dining hall and the Fossett Sail Base is located just a short distance from the swimming area.

Reneker Family Camp cabins are located on fairly level ground, making for an easy walk for those little ones.  The washrooms/showers/laundry, pool and trading post are centrally located and an easy stroll from the farthest cabin.

Owasippe Reservation Map

Camp Blackhawk Map

Camp Carlen Map

Camp Wolverine Map

Camp Reneker Map

Owasippe Trail Map